Day 3 of Customer Appreciation: We're Extra....Cheerful

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Day 3 Giveaway--3 grab bags of:

1-Knock Knock Notepad
1-Knock Knock Notebook
5-Assorted Cards from Good Juju & Sapling Press

Day 3 of Customer Appreciation/Our Favorite Things/Making Oprah Moves and we’re featuring our Achilles heel—all the extras. Tchotchkes/trinkets/knickknacks/whatnots that speak our language of cheer and snark.

Y’all. We’re extra. We know it. We own it. We’re not afraid of showing it. That’s why we feature extra cheer in our shop that from the makers of @goodjujuink@saplingpress @knockknockstuff. We think life would be boring without all the extra things and quite honestly, our Cheer Packages didn’t even know what they were missing until these fun accoutrements showed up.

For today’s giveaway, we’re giving away three assorted grab bags that include a Knock Knock notepad and notebook, and five cards from Good Juju and Sapling Press for various occasions. 

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