Day 4 of Customer Appreciation: Spread Good Cheer & Good News

Day 4 of Customer Appreciation: Spread Good Cheer & Good News

When we first heard Branden Harvey on the Story Brand podcast, we found ourselves cheering, "Yes, Yes, Yes, ALLLLLL.THE.YES" in the first two minutes when Branden shared that his re-exposure to the U.S. news cycle left him feeling incredibly cynical. That's when he posed this simple, yet powerful question--what can we do to create a solution to cynism?

A year ago, Branden started an effort to resisting cynism while also creating solutions to world-wide injustices. But, Branden and his team aren't just spreading positivity and rainbow optimism. With their Sounds Good podcast and the Good Newspaper, they're encouraging us to search for hope and helpers in every crisis. In fact, they're using Mr. Rogers' famous saying as their guiding light. And just like Mr. Rogers, they're amazing teachers who are using the power of story to tell us about the good that comes from the bad. They're not an anti-serum for the news/fake news/all the news, but a powerful supplement that continues a story long after long after the traditional news coverage has ended to show us that by and large, the world is getting better and humanity is actually progressing.

So today for our Day 4 Customer Appreciation Giveaway, we're honoring the alignment of Good Good Good's values with our company's values by giving away three packages that contain three copies of Issue 4 of The Good Newspaper--one to keep and two to share, as well as two stamped envelopes so you can send The Good Newspaper to two of your peeps. We're also giving away a Cheer For You t-shirt with a new design ahead of it's release date. Sign up now by visiting our website and clicking through the prompts.

Also, we'll be carrying The Good Newspaper in our shop soon in some capacity, so stay tuned for updates.

If you want more information on Good Good Good, you can visit them at Don't forget to follow them on Instagram and Twitter, too.

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