Day 5 of Customer Appreciation: We Find Treasures in the Unexpected

Day 5 of Customer Appreciation: We Find Treasures in the Unexpected

Hillary Holmes is a treasure we found in the unexpected--cancer treatment. For the past year, she's served as my mom's oncology trial nurse and has personally guided us through the process of a (so-far) promising trial medication. We could go on and on about how awesome Hillary is, but, we'll sum it up with this--she's always treated us as human beings first. Not as patients or caretakers, but as people, with lives, who are making the most of this situation AND refusing to be defined by it. She inspires us to treat everyone like that; regardless of their circumstances in life.

Hillary is a writer/poet originally from Kansas City, Missouri. Her pieces stem from personal life events and her work as an oncology registered nurse. In her debut book, The Illusion of Contentment, Hillary works through topics of love, loss, abuse, female empowerment, and self growth.

Today's giveaway includes two Treasure Packages that include Hillary's book, a copy of The Alchemist (a book Hillary & I quickly bonded over), and a new CFY t-shirt with a pre-release design.

We'll begin carrying Hillary's book in the mid-September time frame but until then, you can buy her book on Amazon. We'll be sharing a few of her pieces today and throughout the foreseeable future because it's just so relateable.

We couldn't be more grateful for Hillary, for the care she's given our family, and now for sharing her amazing voice and thoughts with us, and for showing us that humanity can co-exist in a clinical environment.

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