Googling Symptoms Greeting Card

Googling Symptoms Greeting Card

The only thing worse than going to the student health-center in college is going to the Google to diagnosis your problems. 

Free advice--thou shall not Google.

If you don't have cancer, the Google will convince you otherwise.

If you do have cancer, it'll lower your quality of life*. For real, you could be spending your time with your family or hobbies instead of writing down ALL. OF. THOSE. 15. LETTER. WORDS. and going down every strange rabbit hole. Do yourself a favor and skip the Google. 

Made by Sapling Press, Pittsburgh, PA

Size: 5.5 x 4.25 in
Printing: Letterpress
Inside Message: Blank
Paper: Ecru cotton
Envelope: Brown bag
Ink: Black

*Based on personal research with no scientific or statistical data to back up hypothesis.