About Us


Dealers of cheeky cheer & sarcasm. 

Cheer For You was created in early 2017 on an airplane somewhere between Kansas City and Dallas to combat the overwhelming anxiety and despair that comes with life’s proverbial shit storms. (In both the personal and national/political arenas.) Our personal need for cheeky and sarcastic, yet empathetic humor, to deal with an otherwise serious unexpected life situation (like stage IV lung cancer) highlighted the need for apparel, gifts, and lifestyle products for people who live in the “middle” of the two extreme perspectives--totally sensitive and totally crass.

Products fit somewhere between angel figurines and aggressive t-shirts. 

Our customers are like Goldilocks in a house of apparel, gifts, and lifestyle products (beds) that don’t feel right to them.

Angel figurines? Cute, but too soft. 

T-shirts that say “Fuck cancer”? Funny and true, but too hard. 

Tote bags with a design of a woman balancing on one leg while serving cocktails saying, “Everything is totally fine”? Cheeky, relateable, and just right. 

Voted Most Likely to Laugh at a Funeral.

Well, kind of. Like, in an unofficial polling-at-happy-hour-kind-of-way.

Here’s the deal, we have this way of absorbing unexpected life situations like cancer diagnoses, job losses, and funerals, and putting a positive, cheeky, (and often irreverent) spin on these type of situations that people usually find comforting and/or inspiring. Our witty perspectives have made us a go-to source for situational advice in both the personal and professional arenas and led us to putting a lot of these sayings on t-shirts, tote bags, etc.

If you don’t prepare for chemo like you’re preparing for a family road trip to the Ozarks, are you even living your best life?

It's like there's some un-written rule that non-fun activities have to be serious. They don't. Go all out. Pack fun snacks and fun games for chemo. Pack a blankie and a pillow for naps, too. Friends don't let friends do hard things alone without snacks and without fun. 

Corporate America by day. Entrepreneur by early day, late day, and usually late night. 

During the day (9-5), we work in staffing and fulfillment for a financial services consulting firm. The rest of the time, we’re working on growing Cheer For You into a solid apparel, gift, and lifestyle brand that’s focused on being a spreading cheer to the world while also taking really good care of our customers and organizations we partner with. 

We’re socially conscious, but not in a capitalizing/goody-two-shoes way. 

We didn’t start Cheer For You to make profit off of other's people's pain, and although we plan on taking this gig full time (eventually), we’ll be really happy if we don’t have a job one day because cancer and all the other unexpected shit has magically disappeared. Until then, we’re going to keep doing our thang; which includes spreading cheer to people and organizations during the good and tough times of their lives, reminding people they're worthy beings, and showing the world that business and humanity can co-exist. 

A lot of people call that socially conscious, we call that conducting ourselves as decent human beings.